New Asbestos in Soils Training Facility

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This training facility will host a unique one day course focusing on the treatment of asbestos in soil – the first course of its type to incorporate both practical and theoretical training.

 Asbestos is quickly becoming the number one contaminant of concern on brownfield sites due to historical widespread use, poor waste management and demolition practises. Due to the high risks involved when working with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), all workers who are likely to come across asbestos are required to undergo training to aid in its identification and risk mitigation. Whilst training provides an understanding of the risks and mitigation measures, the key to approaching works with asbestos, particularly in relation to controlled conditions is competence.

 The new training centre is located near Canning Town and caters for participants to complete combined asbestos training incorporating UKATA Asbestos Awareness CAT-A, UKATA Non-Licenced Asbestos Work CAT-B and the asbestos in soils module. The course has been developed in conjunction with Ramboll, with Director Phil Studds delivering the initial sessions to Keltbray Remediation employees, with operational support from Keltbray.

 Trainees taking the course will encounter environments which demonstrate different soil conditions and asbestos types (using mock asbestos), plus different working scenarios and resulting methodology/decision-making approaches, all of which they may encounter on their own sites. Three mock scenarios put the delegates face to face with i) non-licensable working conditions, ii) notifiable non-licensable working conditions and iii) potentially licensable working conditions. Along with the integration of the use of mobile dust sprayers, a specialist hybrid mini digger and other relevant practical tools that will be utilised by attendees to reflect ‘real life’ conditions. The practical sessions introduce elements from the UKATA CAT-A and B training courses by utilising a decontamination unit, task specific RPE and decontamination procedures that are compliant with the HSE and CAR-SOIL and other industry best practices.

 The delegates will also get a chance to act in roles from the Site Manager down to the Asbestos Pickers, giving them experience on how to identify asbestos in soils, implement mitigation measures and pick, bag and dispose of asbestos fragments where necessary. They will also learn how to talk collaboratively with the site team and management to understand the relevance of the asbestos in soils regulations and attendant health and safety implications, allowing delegates to discuss and ultimately decide the correct course of action for any particular working scenario in relation to asbestos in soil exposure and onsite asbestos in soils management.

 The training centre provides a safe working environment, with on-hand specialist advice and operational support to leave the delegates with a confident, practical working knowledge on how best to react to any given scenario when discovering or managing asbestos in soil while on a working site.  Keltbray Remediation are confident that this provides the client – whether that be a contractor, regulator, house builder, consultant or management – with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to manage the health and safety and financial risks associated with asbestos in soils.

 For more information about the training centre and the Asbestos in Soils training course, please contact