Tackling the contribution of construction sites to air pollution

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Air pollution is now seen as a growing problem throughout the UK, with the Government’s current policy being seen as unlawful by many, and over 40,000 deaths a year being linked to air pollution in the UK. Within London, inefficient plans to improve air pollution have left the city in breach of the legal limits for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and over 40 English and Welsh authorities are now required to take action to improve air quality.

A survey carried out by the Considerate Constructors Scheme found that over 80% of construction workers believe that air pollution is an issue within the construction industry. Other studies found construction sites are estimated to contribute about 7% of NOx emissions, with temporary power generators being responsible for quarter of this. It has been suggested that these statistics could be easily improved through the use of alternative construction practices which are more affordable and more efficient. To combat these statistics, London has brought forward reasonable regulation on Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), aiming to ensure pro  clean-air equipment is used on construction sites.

With hybrids becoming more common within the motor industry, offering cleaner emission options for cars and buses, the implementation of these practices with construction should be the next step. By replacing traditional generators with hybrids, construction companies could save up to £500 a week in fuel and over 2 tonnes of CO2 highlighting the range of benefits that working towards air quality can have for both businesses and individuals.   

With air pollution becoming a growing concern, staying up to date on government policy, as well as learning about the newest innovations in the industry is key. And our team at Contamination Expo 2018 are on hand to help.

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