Joanne Kwan


Joanne Kwan is the project manager at CIRIA responsible for the award winning contaminated land programme. She is also the project manager of the project which produces the first guidance on asbestos from soil and a site guide for the past 20 years.

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Asbestos from soil - what is next to help you?

This seminar will discuss the recent guidance on asbestos from soil, how they have helped the industry and what more will be available to help those who are at most risk.


  • John Dawes: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    John Dawes - Inland spill response changes over the last 30 years and development of the spill contractors’ accreditation scheme

  • Peter Doove: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Peter Doove - Japanese Knotweed/Schedule 9 invasive plants

  • Graham Warren: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Graham Warren - NVQ and CPD: The future shape of the Asbestos sector

  • Dominick Holland: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Dominick Holland - Contaminated Land Encapsulation with the Innovative Geobind System

  • Chris Barrett: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Chris Barrett - Estimating remediation costs using the Homes and Communities Agency guidance